Why do I still get hungry
when I’m already fat?

It doesn’t make sense.
It’s not fair.




“What an inspiring story. Beautifully written. A roadmap to guide you towards optimal health and weight.”

Dr Rod Tayler

Founder, Low Carb Down Under

Author - Brendan Reid

Hi, I’m Brendan.

Thanks so much for checking out the website for my new book, The Fat Ginger Nerd.

The book tells the story of my own personal weight loss journey.  It is largely told as a memoir, offering insight into various aspects of the first four decades of my life, where, for 90% of that time, I was fatter than 90% of those around me.

The consequences of my carrying all that excess weight were both many and varied.  I’d long tried my honest best to follow the standard advice for many years in order to get healthy, without success.  But according to the experts, I just wasn’t trying hard enough, I had no willpower, I wasn’t doing it right, I wasn’t doing it at all.


The idea that I could ever lose any weight at all, let alone keep it off afterwards was, for so long, nothing more in my mind than an impossible dream.  And yet, in under two years, that dream eventually, finally, become reality, and in the end all it took was for me to have found advice that actually tangibly worked.

And now, here I am, having proven those experts wrong.  Having since lost more than 50 kilograms – that’s over 110 pounds – after figuring things out for myself, in my own way, in my own time.  I’ve remained weight stable now for five years and counting, and during that time I’ve had plenty of opportunity to reflect and to write of my experience.

It’s been a challenging process for me, but ultimately a rewarding one as well.  I am proud of the end result, and I do hope you enjoy it.

Who am I? 

That’s something I’m still in the process of discovering for myself, even now.

I can tell you more about who I was.  I have lived up and down the South Island of New Zealand my entire life.  And until the age of about 37, I was a stereotypical fat ginger nerd.

You wouldn’t necessarily know it from the picture here.  Well, not the fat part at least.  That’s all history now.  The other two are still locked in place for the moment, though I imagine in a few more years, the ginger will be next, and only the nerd will remain.

These days I live and work in Dunedin.  I have a background in broadcasting, in teaching and in software development, and more recently I have gained certificates both in health coaching and in nutrition from PreKure.

“Brendan tells his story with such a sensitive understanding, and gives you the tools to completely revolutionise your future and your freedom.”

Libby Jenkinson, MPS

Founder, Ditch the Carbs